Car carriers transporting electric vehicles

If you are booking a car carrier unit that will be carrying any electric or alternative fueled vehicle, including hybrids, please be aware that:

  • You need to book either Kaitaki or Kaiarahi 
  • We cannot accept electric vehicles or alternative fueled vehicles if they have been damaged or modified.
  • Any electric vehicles should not have been fully charged within 12 hours of being loaded onto transporter.
  • Battery charge level should be less than 30% once loaded on car transporter – charge level ideally to be written on window.
  • You will need to submit a dangerous goods declaration for any electric cars onboard.
  • Hydrogen powered vehicles are restricted to uncovered areas of weather decks of vessels – When making a booking please request as a ‘’TOP DECK’’ stowage.

 Dangerous Goods Information for Electric Vehicles

(this is for vehicles on a car carrier truck only and not personal vehicle driven on)

Electric vehicle on truck will  be treated as dangerous goods class 9 Miscellaneous Goods, information we require is stated below for our declaration manifest:

  • Un Number: UN3171 – Battery powered vehicle.
  • Unit of volume:  Is not needed enter as 001.
  • KG: 1200kg roughly per vehicle
  • Additional Information:  Enter battery level of vehicle, confirm its less than 30%
  • Truck Layout:  Electric vehicles on truck to be shown on diagram, with the tops half being top ramp and bottom half lower ramp. If you have a flat deck truck, please use the single unit document on our dangerous goods information
  • Placards on Truck:  We will require class 9 placards be displayed on the front and rear of the truck while travelling with Interislander.
Example of placard placement

These trucks do not have a solid rear surface, the below position will be required on both the left and right side of unit.


Please contact our Commercial booking team regarding sailing requirements if you are planning on transporting one of these vehicles on a transporter with Interislander.


Call:  0800 660 670