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Dangerous Goods

Moving dangerous goods with KiwiRail

KiwiRail transports dangerous goods via rail, road and sea. The Dangerous Goods Rule and Maritime Rule govern these modes of transport. These regulations incorporate certain domestic and international codes and conventions. All consignors moving dangerous goods should have ready access to these materials.

The regulations lay out the responsibilities of the consignor with regards to documentation, packaging and labelling requirements as well as loading responsibilities.  Before any freight forwarder can accept dangerous goods for consignment, these responsibilities must be met.

Refer to the New Zealand Transport Agency for a fact sheet about transporting dangerous goods within New Zealand.

Note: KiwiRail does not accept Dangerous Goods Class 1 (Explosives) for carriage or storage. KiwiRail will accept Dangerous Goods Classes 1.4G and 1.4S provided that fully completed Hazardous Declarations are completed for each consignment. 

Please contact us if you would like further information or have any questions.  


Section 7 of KiwiRail’s Freight Handling Code covers conveyancing responsibilities for Dangerous Goods, specifically:

  • Documentation requirements
  • Packaging, labelling and placarding
  • Loading responsibilities
  • Distribution of documentation

 Download section 7