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Freight Handling Code

It is essential that customers understand and adhere to the rules in this code.

KiwiRail provides a complete freight handling service throughout New Zealand. It does so with three extremely important objectives in mind. They are:
• SAFETY of the public, customers and employees.
• QUALITY of our service, to ensure all freight is handled and delivered on time and damage free.
• PROTECTION of all equipment, wagons and vehicles.

This manual, the KiwiRail Freight Handling Code, has been written to help everybody achieve these objectives. It contains guidelines and rules to assist with all aspects of the stowage, storage and transportation of freight.

The guidelines have been presented in pictorial form, where appropriate, to illustrate the key points being explained. Some of these diagrams are available as wall posters.

This document must be read in conjunction with the "Freight Handling Code Amendment Notice" which contains any updates added since the current issue of the Freight Handling Code was published.


Code Amendment Notice

Section 00: Introduction

Section 01: Contents

Section 02: Introduction & Overview

Section 03: Purpose, Scope & Glossary

Section 04: General Conditions of Carriage

Section 05: Load Security & Safety

Section 06: Effective Freight Handling

Section 07: Conveyancing Responsibilities

Section 08: Rail Equipment & Facilities

Section 09: Agricultural Products

Section 10: Bulk Products

Section 11: Bulk Liquids and Gases

Section 12: Containerised Traffic

Section 13: Metallic Products

Section 13A: Steel Products

Section 14: Light Motor Vehicles

Section 15: Paper Products Rolls

Section 16: Logs

Section 17: Pulp

Section 18: Board Products Sawn Timber

Section 19: Heavy Vehicles and Machines

Section 20: Palletised Freight

Section 21: General Loose Freight

Section 22: Oversize and Overweight Loads

Section 23: Track Materials 


If you are having problems downloading sections of the Freight Handling code, please contact us.