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Lashing points

Most vehicles more than 3500kgs carrying a load must be fitted with approved lashing points.  Below is a list of the vehicle types that are exempt from this requirement:

  • Road freight, road tank and road livestock vehicles that are not intended for transport on roll-on/roll-off ships but are being freighted for delivery purposes only without payload
  • Passenger vehicles including cars, mini-buses, coaches, buses, motorhomes, caravans and horse trucks
  • Oversize vehicles
  • Railway wagons
  • Special vehicles including fire engines, tow trucks, car transporters, ambulances, horse floats or vehicles specifically designed to transport horses, boat trailers.

All other vehicles must comply

Read more about the carriage of heavy vehicles on the Maritime New Zealand website.

If you have any questions, please call the Interislander freight team on 0800 660 670.

All heavy vehicles (in excess of 3500kg gross laden weight) travelling on Interislander services must be fitted with securing points in order to be lashed to the ferry deck to prevent movement at sea.

From 30 May 2012, an amendment to NZ Maritime Law S24B lashing requirements states that all lashing points on all trailer configurations must comply and be fitted in accordance with ISO9367 Points 1 and 2. A copy of these requirements is available from Standards New Zealand.


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All heavy vehicles (more than 3500 kg gross laden weight) must be fitted with securing points in order to be lashed to the ferry's deck, to prevent movement at sea.

Lashing Points